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Jiujiang Yulin New Materials Co., Ltd. located in Yongxiu Chemical Industrial Park ; As a technology company focused on fine chemistry and advanced materials. We're capable of pilot run research, large-scale industrial production, and complex formulation production etc. The years development, we have developed multiple fine chemical product and advanced materials for developing chemical market trend. We can provide professional solutions and product for pharmaceuticals, polymer, and daily used chemicals manufacturing. We have always been adhering to the purpose of high-efficiency...

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Hot Products

  • NN-二异丙醇基对甲苯胺 NN-二羟丙基对甲苯胺 38668-48-3...

    CAS NO.:38668-48-3

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  • N-乙酰苯肼

    CAS NO.:114-83-0

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  • 2-溴-5-氯-苯甲醛

    CAS NO.:174265-12-4

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  • 2氨基噻唑

    CAS NO.:96-50-4

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  • NN-二羟乙基对苯二胺硫酸盐

    CAS NO.:54381-16-7

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  • 对二甲氨基苯甲醛

    CAS NO.:100-10-7

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